Le Chatelet
Le Chatelet

Rules of Procedure


The registration is mandatory for any person who stays and / or who enters the rooms as a companion, without distinction.


The following behaviors are prohibited within Le Chatelet Hotel:

- Produce, allow, consent or tolerate the production of noise, sounds, cries or disturbances that affect the normal tranquility that coexistence imposes within the framework of the place of rest that is Le Chatelet Hotel.

- Producing trepidations, vibrations, noises, smells or emanations, whatever the cause that motivates them, that disturb or limit the comfort of the other guests of Le ChateletHotel.

- Introduce, store and / or deposit in the rooms and / or in common spaces, all kinds of explosive, flammable and / or asphyxiating materials, firearms and / or any other that may represent a danger to the safety of the persons or the building, or producing annoying smoke.

- Driving in a rude, aggressive, violent or hostile manner towards Le Chatelet Hotel staff, guests -comparents or not-, and / or any third party that is inside the Hotel.

- Driving inside Le Chatelet Hotel in violation of morality and good manners.

- Failure to respect the SILENCE HOURS, included between 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

- Enter with pets of any kind.

- Withdraw from Le Chatelet Hotel objects or goods, either from the room or other sectors without the express consent of the Management, in which case, the value of the same shall be paid .

- Damaging or deteriorating, totally or partially, the facilities, accessories, goods, services and / or supplies of Le Chatelet Hotel, or any other passenger, in which case, the replacement value of the same shall be charged ]

- To enter the Hotel, or to consume within it, cigarettes, cigars, prohibited alcoholic beverages or substances prohibited by national or local legislation. In all in accordance with the Municipal Ordinance Nº8075 / 2008, Le Chatelet Hotel does not allow smoking inside any of its facilities, whether lodging or otherwise. Failure to comply with this policy will result in the payment of a penalty, which will be charged to the room, equivalent to 2 additional nights to the contracted room .

- Enter the rooms with occasional companions or not, without making the corresponding registration at the reception.

- Execute, promote or encourage discriminatory acts against other guests, visitors and / or employees of the Hotel.

- Reveal or disseminate confidential information of the Hotel that would have obtained on occasion or commuting your stay or transit at Le Chatelet Hotel.

- Circulate in the hotel with naked torso and / or in bathing suits and / or without wearing any clothes, except within the specific places suitable for it, such as, for example, swimming pool and Hydromassage locker facilities.

- Execute, promote and / or instigate the violation of the National, Provincial and / or Municipal Law within Le Chatelet Hotel.


The use of all the facilities of the Hotel must be carried out in an appropriate manner to the decosa type or service in question, taking care of them, in accordance with the specific rules of sufficiency. Said use may be limited in the event that there are restricted sectors and / or exclusive use of the staff of the establishment.

We ask you to pay attention and comply with the indications in the pool and hydromassage sector, especially the obligation to use non-slip footwear, enter and / or exit lapiscina / hidromasaje by the regulatory places, in a calm manner, taking of thebalandas and complying with the indications of established security. Pay attention to hot water temperature both when entering the pool / hydromassage and when taking a shower in the changing rooms and / or rooms.

Children are not allowed in the whirlpool, or with diapers in the pools. Also, it is requested especially in case of using mobile devices in any public area, it is done in minimum volume or in silent mode to protect the rest of the guests or visitors.


It is very important for Le Chatelet Hotel the protection of all its guests, especially children, for it is necessary that those responsible for their care are attentive as to the areas they attend, the activities they develop, and also their behavior in public areas of the Hotel so as not to affect third parties.


Passengers shall safeguard their personal effects in public areas, in order to avoid loss and / or theft. To do this you must take into account that you have a security box inside the room in which you can save them. Le ChateletHotel will not be responsible for any loss / theft / loss of any kind.


The total or partial non-observance of any of these Regulations authorizes the Hotel to execute, at its sole discretion, any of the following procedures:

- Invite the offender to modify their behavior or habit, adapting them to the present regulation.

- Make use of the right of admission and exclude the offender from the establishment .

- <span style="text-decoration:underline;">En caso de hacer uso del derecho de admisión y conforme lo prevé la OrdenanzaMunicipal Nº 3923/00 (art. 47), cobrar la estadía restante con el límite de hasta 3noches</span>.

- Give notice to the competent public authorities so that they can take the necessary action in case of the commission of a crime and / or violation of a National, Provincial and / or Municipal Law.

In use of the right of admission and permanence, Le Chatelet Hotel may forbid the entry of those persons who have previously violated this Regulation and / or those who do not comply with the provisions of this Regulation.


The norms contained in the present in no way can be interpreted as a discrimination against any type of ethnicity, nationality, gender, religion, race, age or political ideology of the recipients, but an ideal means of guaranteeing all its visitors, guests, customers, employees or third parties, the excellence and quality of services of the Hotel. In no case may it be interpreted as limiting or restricting the individual rights of those who voluntarily enter the establishment conscious of the characteristics thereof, of the faculty that the Hotel possesses to add rules that complement those established here. This power is characteristic of its right of ownership and its responsibility for the operation with respect to the rights of its guests or customers.

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Estuve hace poco más de un año y en esta oportunidad se notaron las mejoras, particularmente en cuanto a los servicios en la habitación: frigobar, pava eléctrica y calefacción
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