Politica de Reservas


In the absence of specific agreement, the following conditions will apply to reservations made by all the guests of Le Chatelet Hotel :

- All reservation requests should be channeled to the email reservas@lechatelethotel.com . Only the notifications sent by this way will be validated.
- All quotes are valid for 48 hours from the time of shipment and are subject to availability at the time of confirmation.
- An ANTICIPATION will be requested in all cases, which will have the character of non-refundable, equivalent to 1 night of accommodation to confirm the RESERVATION. Said payment must be canceled by bank transfer. Additionally, a valid credit card will be requested as a guarantee, otherwise it will NOT be considered as a confirmed reservation. Checks are not accepted.
- Check In time is from 2:00 pm and Check Out until 11:00 am.
- All reservations are nominative and are made in the name of the requesting party and therefore are non-transferable and indivisible.
- In the event that the contracting party is a private guest, the total amount of the lodging must be paid in full (100%) when checking in.
- In the event that the contractor is a Tourism Agency, they must pay the balance corresponding to the entire stay with a minimum of 15 days before the arrival of the passenger. In case of non-compliance with the fixed payment method, Le Chatelet Hotel will have the right to cancel the reservation with your communication by email to the travel agency ten (10) days in advance, resulting in a penalty equivalent to 100% of the total cost. charged.
- The withdrawal by the guest without fulfilling the total reservation commitment that he acquires, entitles the establishment to the payment in compensation, of the days remaining until a maximum of three days of stay.
- Refund of VAT in foreign guests : to access the refund of current VAT in Argentine standards, the reservation must be paid by a credit card or foreign debit or by international bank transfer and be accompanied by the respective documents required by the legislation, to know: Passport or a foreign identity document with a voucher issued by the national immigration authority. In the case of Tourism Agency, they must also attach proof of registration in AFIP and Certificate of Agency Enabled by the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation.
- In cases where the contractor wishes to be issued VAT invoice discriminated against, must report such situation at the time of payment, attaching AFIP F8001 corresponding form, registration certificate and Certificate of Agency Enabled by the Ministry of Tourism of the Nation, in the cases that correspond. If this documentation is not collected, type "B" invoice will be issued without exceptions .
- Le Chatelet Hotel is not responsible for delays or impediments in the departure / arrival of regular or private transfers caused by unforeseen circumstances or force majeure outside our operation, such as strikes, road closures, delays or cancellations of flights or flights , natural disasters, etc. Any additional expenses incurred by passengers in transit to / from Le Chatelet Hotel due to such circumstances will be borne by the passenger.
- In all cases, if the passenger does not arrive, they will proceed in accordance with the provisions of point 1.1. of the present.


- The reservation conditions are contractual, any modification related to date, duration, services or others must be agreed with Le Chatelet Hotel , by e-mailing reservas@lechatelethotel.com .
- In all cases, the requests must be approved by Le Chatelet Hotel .


- The cancellation of the agreed reservation will imply the loss of the non-refundable advance.
- The non-arrival of the passenger will imply the loss of the non-refundable advance.
- It will be considered that there has been no arrival of the passenger if at 12:00 noon on the day following the entry established in the Program Reservation contract, the client has not registered at the reception of the hotel. In this case the room will be available to the hotel.
- The late arrival, outside the agreed date as reservation, will imply the payment by Le Chatelet Hotel of the reserved and unused nights. In the event that the guest does not give notice of his late arrival, it will proceed according to the provisions of the preceding point.

1.2 Regarding CHANGES or MODIFICATIONS of Reservations:

- If a change of dates is requested with fifteen (15) or more days in advance (in addition to the rate differences for seasonal change, if applicable) the change will not have an associated fine and will be subject to availability by Le Chatelet Hotel .
- If a change is requested, dates less than fifteen (15) days in advance (in addition to the rate differences due to seasonal changes, if applicable), it will entail the payment of the equivalent of twenty percent (20%) of the amount of the stay. and will be subject to availability by Le Chatelet Hotel.


- Additional services that were not paid, or were partially, at the time of Check out by the guest, will be charged to the credit card left in guarantee.
- The delay in making the Check Out leads to the automatic purchase of a Late Check Out supplement, subject to availability by the hotel.
- The Late Check Out supplement until 5:00 pm has an additional cost of 20% of the price of the room and will be subject to the availability of Le Chatelet Hotel.
- The Late Check Out supplement after 5:00 p.m. will be charged as an additional night of the contracted room.


- Children under 3 years who sleep in a crib do not pay. In case of requiring an additional bed, the rate will be paid as an adult.